Awakening Hearts: A Tale of Love Across Lifetime

Meeting fellow authors like Angie K. Love is another unexpected joy of this journey. She let me be a beta reader for her first book in a series, which opened my eyes, mind, and heart to a whole new world. She’s talented, genuine, and generous – and I’m grateful our paths have crossed!!

Cold Millions by Jess Walter

A local artist of my now hometown of Spokane, Washington. I first picked up his book Beautiful Ruins which I have been sharing for years. Now that I call Spokane home, his new book The Cold Millions brought me a sense of wonder and appreciation of this growing city. It is always an adventure when getting the opportunity to read stories centered around places you intimately know.

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

As a teenager at the time, I guess I went against the trend. Princess Leia wasn’t plastered all over my bedroom walls. But, as an adult and self-proclaimed nerd, I truly love her wit and all the stories behind her growing up. The Princess Diarist so far has been a fun and entertaining read.

My dad was an avid reader and writer. He had so many books that I only could keep a few around. I picked up this one the other day to re-read. It is truly a classic the way Wolfe blends words together as if they always belonged that way.

I don’t exactly remember when I first ran across Jenny Lawson and her fabulousness. She is absolutely crazy … in the good kind of way. I’m looking forward to reading her new book Broken (in the best possible way) that comes out in April. Oh, and do order it through her bookstore that somehow she opened during this pandemic. And follow her on social media … she’s a hoot!

Written by : Tom Bross

Tom Bross looks familiar, doesn’t he? Could it be that you recognize the 1968 San Francisco Hula Hoop Champion? Or, do you remember him as ‘the mustard stain kid’ from a Clorox bleach ad he appeared in back in 1969? Either way, Tom peaked at an early age and it’s been downhill ever since.

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